The Purple Arms Project is a call to action for people from both sides of the aisle to unite for sensible gun control.  One-by-one we join hands, extend our arms and open our hearts to unite our country for sensible gun control legislation.

It’s simple to climb aboard the bus to show your support.



Download the Purple Arms Cutout template.



Print two cutouts using the template and print extras for friends and family.  Color the cutout purple then Cut.



Snap a photo of you, your family or friends with your Purple Arms Cutout at home or out and about.



Share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest….and tag with #purplearmsproject where appropriate or send an email to info@purplearmsproject.org and we will post for you.



Write your name and zip code on the back of the cutout.  Then fold in half lengthwise and place in a #10 envelope.  Send your Purple Arms Cutout  to Congress.  To find your Senator click here.  To find your Congressional Representative click here.



Spread the word!  Each cutout represents your voice, uniting with others and showing our government that we, the people, want change.




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